The Loppet Lives! While it may not be in the traditional sense, we are excited to bring to you the 2021 Swix Lake Placid Virtual Loppet! This virtual marathon will give skiers the opportunity to compete in a 25k or 50k effort at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg XC Ski Center from March 5 – March 27, 2021.

With all this warm weather we’re having, we’ve had no choice but to close a few sections of our Loppet Course. Not to worry, though! You may now choose your own Loppet adventure as long as it’s a 25 or 50K.

Sign up for the Virtual Loppet on Skireg.com/swixvirtualloppet, record your effort on the fitness tracking program (Strava etc.) of your choice anytime between March 5 – 27, then submit it via our online submission form. Your effort will be eligible for prizes based on various categories.

Please visit our Virtual Loppet Guide for more information on the race, how to register, and directions for submitting your effort to us.

We have missed bringing the racing community together for the Swix Lake Placid Loppet the past two seasons and we feel a virtual challenge is the best way to motivate you all to preserve the tradition while staying safe! Ready to sign up? Head on over to Skireg.com/swixvirtualloppet

Check out our InstagramFacebook for live updates on the race.


Virtual Loppet Guide

By now, we’re sure many of you have taken the opportunity to participate in another virtual race, but if this is your first like it is ours, we’ve put together this guide in hopes to answer your questions and make your experience great from the beginning.

How do I record my effort? 

To record your effort, you will need a GPS-enabled device. A sports watch is recommended, but a smartphone will do just fine. Then you need to download a fitness app to share your effort with us and the public. Strava is the most popular option, but Garmin Connect and Suunto Movescount are just as reliable.

What counts as an effort? 

We’re aiming to recreate the 2021 Swix Lake Placid Loppet, so you’ll want to complete the 25k or 50k course. You can ski your effort on your own, or with a small group of friends (no more than ten people).

Who can enter the 2021 Swix Virtual Loppet? 

Anyone can enter! We hope a virtual race might encourage those who shy away from traditional race formats and have performance anxieties in front of spectators. This is a great opportunity to race without the pressure!

Will the $30 Loppet entry fee cover my day pass at Mount Van Hoevenberg?

Absolutely! Head over to the Mountain Pass lodge ticket counter and provide your Skireg.com/swixvirtualloppet confirmation number to an attendant. In turn, they will print you out your day pass so you can hit the course!

When can I submit my effort? 

Any time between March 5th and March 27th. While we understand it’s a bit late in the season, we hope this window will at least give you some time to prepare.

Can I submit more than one effort? 

Entrants may submit only one effort. Of course, you may ski the course as many times as you like, but please only submit one effort…just make sure it’s your best!

How do I submit my effort? 

Our online submission form is available to your right. You must include the link from your fitness tracking app, showing your Loppet effort for the submission to count. To find this link, once you complete the course, open your app and select your Loppet activity. Click the share symbol, locate the link, then copy & paste it to your form.

What about the prizes? 

One thing about our Loppet that isn’t changing this year, is the fun prizes. The fastest skier in each race category will win a prize. In addition to that, we’ve included a photo contest. Head on over to the Categories and Prizes tab to learn more and see what you could win!

Still have questions? 

We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are signing up for. We also want to make the entire process as smooth and as fun as possible for you. Please don’t hesitate to email the Race Administrator, Matthew Yaniro with any questions or concerns you might have:

Email Now »

Race Categories & Prizes

Race Categories

In Keeping with the Loppet tradition we are offering both a 25k and 50k marathon in the following categories:

25k Skate Men
25k Skate Women
50K Skate Men
50k Skate Women

25k Classic Men
25k Classic Women
50k Classic Men
50k Classic Women


Prizes are awarded & mailed to the fastest skier in each of the above categories. Additional prize categories include:

Best Trailside Siting with Photo Documentation
Oldest Pair of Skis with Photo Documentation
Best Photo

Please check back here soon for a detailed pize list to see what you could win!


View our Loppet Course and our Stadium flow map by clicking the buttons below.

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Course GPS Track

Need a virtual assistant along the way? Feel free to import this GPS track to your device to ensure you’re following the course!

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