Thank you for your cooperation to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect our guests, community, and employees.

Please review the information on our Face Covering Requirements and COVID safety in advance of your visit. We will publish any updates here as they become available, but be aware that our guidelines are subject to change without notice. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Face Covering Requirements

When visiting Mount Van Hoevenberg, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you are indoors:
    • Face coverings are required for all guests, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Face coverings are required in all locker areas.
    • Face coverings can only be removed indoors when eating or drinking.
  • If you are outdoors:
    • Vaccinated guests do not need to wear a face covering, but are recommended when near unknown guest, or when unable to socially distance.
    • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings and be socially distanced outside.

If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and plan to visit us another time.

Guidelines & Information

At the Mt. Van Hoevenberg, our teams are: 

  • Maintaining physical barriers (e.g. plexiglass) at high interaction points like ticket areas
  • Operating with increased frequency of cleaning procedures and a deep clean at night
  • Maintaining hand hygiene stations throughout our venues for guests & employees.
  • Undergoing a daily health screening prior to every shift
  • Reducing indoor capacities to help maintain 6 feet of social distancing


As a community, we are all responsible for our health and well-being. Thank you for continuing to follow the guidelines and protocols being put forth by our public officials.

Lessons & Programs

  • It is recommended that all lessons are reserved in advance to guarantee your plans.
  • All participants will acknowledge health screening attestation (link) within 24 hours of participating in a lesson.
  • Children under 12 must wear a face covering at all times during a lesson when unable to be socially distanced.
  • Children 12 and older, when permissible and who are vaccinated,  will not  be required  to wear masks when outdoors and socially distanced.
  • Unvaccinated guests are required to wear a mask during lessons when unable to social distance.
  • Face coverings are required for both instructor and students regardless of vaccination status when unable to social distance during the lesson.

Reckless Skier

NYS General Obligations Law Article 18 states, “All persons using a ski trail or slope at a New York State ski area are considered to be skiers.”


To promote safety in skiing and riding by maintaining a reasonable amount of control over the conduct and behavior of skiers and riders on the mountain.
To comply with all aspects of NYS General Obligations Law Article 18 Safety in Skiing Code.

Definition of Reckless Skiing & Riding

The skier/rider who is skiing/riding in a manner that is beyond their ability to control their actions.
Any person involved in activities that may result in personal injury to themselves or to others.
Any person who fails to abide by the New York State Safety in Skiing Code (found at General Obligations Law Article 18) particularly that section entitled “Duties of Skiers” General Obligations Law 18-105. Copies are available at Ticket Booth.

Reckless Skier Program


The mission of the ORDA Reckless Skier Program is to promote skiing and snowboarding safety awareness, and education for employees and guests. The purpose is to educate employees and guests about the National Ski Area Association’s (NSAA) Your Responsibility Code (the Code) and safe skiing practices, enforce proper mountain etiquette, and attempt to reduce fast and reckless skiing/snowboarding.

The ORDA Mountain Safety Program is led at each ORDA venue by a team of ski patrol staff, department supervisors, and mountain managers. Using the Code as a guide, and employing the list of approaches below, each team is expected to:

• Monitor skiing and snowboarding on each mountain, especially in congested areas;

• Explain to offending individuals why their actions are endangering themselves and others;

• Offer suggestions about more appropriate behavior;

• Issue warnings;

• Depending on a guest’s attitude and the seriousness of an infraction, revoke lift privileges.

This guidance document is intended to explain the Code and how it is implemented at ORDA venues, ORDA expectations for guest interaction and intervention, and the types of infractions and levels of discipline that may be imposed for failing to adhere to the Code and the ORDA policies that are designed to assure public safety.

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