Pathfinders will begin on January 15th!

Pathfinders is designed to launch a life-long love for cross country skiing. Games, fun drills, and experience will develop skills and confidence for skiers to take in any direction. Individuals will be encouraged to challenge their boundaries in a fun and supportive environment. Our team will focus on creating a positive and rewarding atmosphere for all to participate.

Sessions are designed around age and the ability to create a supportive and fun atmosphere for children 5 to 11. Lessons are designed to introduce children to the techniques that will make a lifetime of skiing enjoyable. Skiers in this program will work toward participating in many experiences of a Nordic Lifestyle.

Ages: 5 – 11

Daily Health Check

All season-long program participants must complete our daily health check form within 12 hours of participation. This simple online form includes an acknowledgement of our face coverings requirement, in addition to a confirmation that you and your child/dependent (where applicable) meet the health screening questions and do not have a temperature greater than 99.9°F.

We recommend taking this step in the morning (before 7:30 am) prior to heading to the mountain. For weekend-long programs, please complete the health check form each morning prior to arrival.


If you would like to sign up for an email reminder that will go out each Friday evening in advance of our weekend Season-Long Programs, please click here to opt in.


Pathfinders Schedule
DateStart Time
January 2210:00 am
January 2910:00 am
February 510:00 am
February 1210:00 am
February 1910:00 am
February 2610:00 am
March 510:00 am
March 13 (due to weather)10:00 am
March 1910:00 am


Dates, times and protocols are subject to change


Pathfinders ParticipantAges 5-11includes full season pass$100

Dates, times and protocols are subject to change.