Josie's Cabin at Mt. Van Hoevenberg

At our woodland retreat, we celebrate the dream of Josephine Schofield. You will find naturalists, artists and leaders in our community for a series of unique natural history lessons about Mt Van Hoevenberg and the Adirondack Region. These will be an experience unique to our wonderful Adirondacks inspired by the dream of Josephine and Henry Van Hoevenberg.


The programs are led in part by staff from The Wild Center, Wildlife Conservation Society, faculty from Paul Smith’s College as well as other local naturalists, historians and entertainers.

A Little History

In 1887, the namesake of our venue, Henry Van Hoevenberg, came to the Adirondacks with friends for a camping trip on Upper Ausable Lake. Included in the party was Miss Josephine Schofield from Brooklyn, New York. The two fell fast in love and quickly became engaged. They decided to climb the highest mountain in our state and select the most beautiful spot they could see from the summit and claim as their future home. They dreamt of a location that would be a place of entertainment and natural wonder for their friends and all that enjoyed the Adirondacks.

Tragically, Josephine died in the same year under unclear circumstances, and Henry chose to never take another bride. However, he did build the dream that Josephine and he shared at Adirondack Lodge. He named Mt Jo and Heart Lake in honor of his betrothed. He established a location that would be the legacy of a dream that the young lovers shared.

Josie’s cabin honors the spirit of Adirondack hospitality. It creates a gateway for the generation to be introduced to and experience our wonderful forest. You will be welcomed, entertained and enjoy the warm fire, delicious food and unique experience that awaits at Josie’s Cabin.


Josie’s Cabin is currently unavailable.

When: Saturdays & Holidays (closed Christmas Day)
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
(times and dates are subject to change)

Price: Free