Mt. Van Hoevenberg gives you the unique opportunity to ski in the tracks of Olympians, and this winter delivers an updated Nordic experience like no other. Our sprawling cross-country resort is expanding even further this season, to a total of 55k of outstanding terrain.

You won’t be waiting for natural snow in order to enjoy your favorite sport. Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s snowmaking system is now the largest dedicated to Nordic skiing in North America! Snowmaking is a rarity for a cross-country ski area, and Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s capabilities have been immensely amplified. With a little cold air, you can count on your snow surfaces being ready to go for a long and reliable season of quality skiing. On an average year, Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s number of ski days ranges from 120-150. That’s a ton of time on the snow!

5k of Mt. Van Hoevenberg’s trails are brand new and certified for World Championship events. This terrain is an exciting addition to the beautiful 1980 legacy trails and is designed to the highest international standard for cross-country skiing and biathlon. The trails are laid out in a similar character to the existing network, offering several opportunities for new loops and interchanges. You’ll enjoy the technical and physical challenge while taking in stunning vistas amid our beautiful winter forests. The updated stadium and lower portions give all abilities the opportunity to sample what the best skiers in the world tackle. As you move higher on the loops, there are more challenging sections to explore. Look forward to experiencing one of the newest World Cup venues in the Nordic Skiing world, that at the same time is welcoming to those just getting started.

Events are important to Mt. Van Hoevenberg and the region; we offer a tremendous place for athletes of all levels to develop their competitive edge. However, we also recognize they can sometimes create restrictions for recreational skiers. This year, we installed new access bridges so that when conditions allow, you will still be able to get to your favorite terrain. When doing so, you’ll go right above all of the event excitement, getting an elevated view of the action!

The Mt. Van Hoevenberg staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you with the equipment you will need. Whether it’s wax for your own skis, a new hat or sweater, rental skis (Skate, Classic or Touring), snowshoes, or a bike, our family looks forward to greeting yours.

Plan to perfect your technique all year at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, with our new 2k system of paved loops for roller-skiing. Look for more details about this awesome amenity coming soon! While we’re talking warmer weather, keep in mind that Mt. Van Hoevenberg season passholders have mountain biking included during Summer 2021- have fun!

Nordic skiing is one of the healthiest full-body workouts there is. It’s a terrific calorie burn, and it improves your cardiovascular system while not overly stressing any single muscle group. You’ll build endurance while getting some fresh Adirondack air, enjoying our stunning scenery, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Join us to revel in Olympic glory as you bring your individual athleticism to the next level, or just get out for a day of cross-country enjoyment. These are some of the same trails that gold medal athletes have impressed the world upon, and they’re here for all ages and abilities to keep memorable winter traditions going.