New Year, New Loppet! The Lake Placid Loppet returns this year to Mt Van Hoevenberg. Join us on February 26, 2023, for this annual event open to everyone. Thousands of skiers have participated in this distinctive Nordic race held for over 30 years at MVH. Take on this demanding course, which runs on a slightly modified version of the 50k course constructed for the 1980 Winter Olympics, making it one of the most challenging citizen races in the world. Take on this 50k course in classic or skate disciplines, or if you are not ready for the entire length, we have a Kort 25k. Citizens Series more you speed? Our Citizens Series last race of the season is in the afternoon, register for 12K, 6K or 3K. Fun for the whole family, experience all MVH has to offer with trails, entertainment, and a BBQ. This end of season event is a not to miss staple of our cross country season. This challenging race is a yearly tradition for skiers from near and far. Start your training now. The Loppet should be on everyone’s 2023 list.

What You’re In for…
50k Loppet | 2 x 25k loop
25k Kort | 1 x 25k loop
Height Difference | 183m
Maximum Climb | 69m
Climb | Kort 560m | Loppet 1120m

Registration is available Jan 1, 2023.


  • Feb 26, 2023

    Saturday, Feb 25 | Nordic | Mt Van Hoevenberg MVH

    4:00 – 7:00 am | Bib Pick Up | MVH

    Sunday, Feb 26 | Nordic | MVH

    7:00-8:00 am | Bib pick up
    9:00 am | Indoor Activities
    9:00 am | 50km Classic
    9:15 am | 25km Classic Kort
    10:00 am | 50km Free
    10:15 am | 25km Free Kort
    11:30 am-4:00 pm | Live Music and BBQ
    1:00 pm | 12km Ski Challenge
    1:00 pm | 6km Ski Challenge
    1:15 pm | 3km Ski Challenge


This course will start and finish in the new stadium at the Mountain Pass Lodge.

Map »

  • Head uphill
    • under bridge
  • Complete Omega turns on World Cup trails
  • Pass in front of the snowmaking pumphouse
    • onto Miniloop
  • Stay on Miniloop
  • Turning left at the mini stadium to the old stadium
  • When you reach the old stadium begin Flatlander
    • right at Y

then straight at 4-way onto Loppet Cutover (jct 22)

  • Right onto East Mountain
  • Left onto Porter (jct 36)
  • Left onto Peggy’s Puddle
  • Left to return onto Porter
  • Take right at jct 41 (SKIPPING CASCADE LOOP)
  • Stay left at jct 42
  • Stay left at jct with horseshoe loop
  • Right at jct 43 (skipping Big Rock Loop)
  • Right at jct 44 (begin roller coaster hills)
  • Stay left at all remaining junctions to finish Porter Mt Loop
  • Left onto East Mountain and climb Harry’s Hill
  • Stay right at the Memorial plaque
  • Hard right downhill at jct 29 to stay on East Mountain
  • Left at the intersection BEFORE THE SKATE START (leaving East Mountain)
  • Quick left onto Innerloopen (backward)
  • Stay right at next 3 intersections to enter “Loppet S curves”
  • Left down Main Street (very wide downhill)
  • Left at mini stadium and up Innerloopen (jct 20)
  • Left at jct 47 to stay on Innerloopen
  • Right at jcts 24 and 29 to begin Ladies 5 Outer Loop
  • Skip next 3 lefts (Hi and Middle Notch Trails)
  • Stay left at top of Old Home Run to stay on Outer Loop of Olympic 5k
  • Go across top of the reservoir,
    • take SECOND RIGHT to ski downhill clockwise below the reservoir
  • Hard left downhill U-turn
  • Stay left and climb to the plateau
  • Right, downhill U-turn to the lower plateau
  • Speedy descent to the front of pumphouse,
    • swing left to climb finish hill
  • Bear right at top
    • ski down under crossover bridge


  • Depart the new stadium by staying along left edge
    • ski BEHIND Range Berm
  • Left behind berm
  • Left onto Brookside, through double tubes
  • Left at jct 2 (Three Trails)
  • Left at jct 5 (Perimeter)
  • Leave Perimeter at jct 11 by turning right onto Northbrook (backward)
  • Bear right at jct 10 (picnic table with view) to turn onto Three Trails (backward)
  • Stay right at next 2 quick lefts
  • Take next right onto Deer Run (backward)
  • Left at T onto Beech Hill
  • Left at jct 9 to stay on Beech Hill
  • Straight at 4 corners (jct 7)
    • to do the Dog Bone (part of 3 trails)
  • At next cluster of intersections, stay right and then left to begin 3 Trails cutoff (straight downhill)
  • Straight through next 4 corners to stay on Three Trails Cutoff
  • Hard left at jct 3 to miss  blue bag
  • Left after bridge to begin the climb on Brookside
  • Follow Brookside through double tubes and stay left
  • Right over a narrow culvert to behind the new range berm (if you find yourself at the old lodge, you’ve gone too far)
  • Left around berm
  • Right to finish at the new stadium

Total climb | 756 meters
Distance | 24.75 km

It was definitely pretty hard pacing yourself because you don’t want to go hard and burn out, but it was definitely really fun.
— Van Ledger, Lake Placid, NY