Details about private lessons will be updated shortly.

Snowsports Health Check

Terms & Conditions

If you have not electronically signed the Terms & Conditions for your respective group or private lesson, please do so by selecting one of the following links. If you have a multi-day lesson, you only need to sign this once before your participation:


Daily Health Check

All group and private lesson participants must complete our daily health check form within 12 hours of your lesson. This simple online form includes an acknowledgment of our face coverings requirement, in addition to a confirmation that you and your child/dependent (where applicable) meet the health screening questions and do not have a temperature greater than 99.9°F.

We recommend taking this step in the morning (before 7:30 am) before heading to the mountain. For multi-day lessons, please complete the health check form each morning before arrival.


Face Covering Requirements

As a reminder, face coverings (masks) are required at all times while you and your child/dependent (where applicable) are at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, except when you are actively skiing or seated and dining.


Private Lesson Pricing to be announced soon.